The competition


  1. Inform yourself

    What does "sustainable" actually mean and what does it have to do with logistics? You should research some basic information about this - ideally right here on our website under the menu item "Did you know?”

  2. Be creative

    Once you know what our competition is about, it's time to get creative. Think alone or as a group (max. as a school class) how DB Schenker can reach its goal and become the leading provider of green logistics. Whether you are thinking of sustainable logistics in the next 10, 20 or 100 years is irrelevant. How about, for example, a DB Schenker spacecraft powered by organic waste, solar panels for aircrafts or cargo ships that can do without diesel?

  3. Implement idea

    Do you have a great idea? Super! Then it’s time to execute. It’s up to you know how you’d like to approach it all. You are welcome to paint, make a collage, shoot a video or write a report - photo stories, presentations, podcasts or your own songs are all allowed. Just think of something!

  4. Participate

    Your registration for the competition must be completed via this website by 31.12.2018 at 23:59 at the latest. Your competition entry must also be submitted by this date - either via this website (as part of the registration process) or by post (the date of the postmark will apply here).

  5. Rating

    All submitted entries will be reviewed and objectively evaluated by a professional jury consisting of DB Schenker employees.

  6. Announcing the winners

    In February 2019, we will announce the winners of the school competition in the individual and group participation categories on this website and via the social media accounts of SPIESSER and DB Schenker. The winners will also be contacted directly and informed of their prices.


We really appreciate your commitment and the effort you put into your great projects. That's why we reward the best entries with great prices.

1. place:

Sustainably produced Pilsner Bamboo Longboard by Arbor

2. place:

A stylish Fjällräven backpack

3. place:

EUR 50 voucher for the Avocado Store

Group price

The best group project can look forward to EUR 500!

Evaluation criteria

In the evaluation of all competition entries by the specialist jury of DB Schenker, the following criteria are objectively evaluated:

  • The idea’s originality and creativity: There are no limits to your imagination, come up with something completely new or totally rethink existing processes. We look forward to your unusual and maybe slightly crazy ideas.
  • Quality of the content: It's not just your ideas that matter, but how you package them. If you make an effort and develop a conclusive concept, it will be particularly well received by us.
  • Design: The look of the competition matters to us, too. Of course, not everyone is a born artist, but an appealing presentation of your projects should be included.
  • Feasibility: You don't have to think completely removed from reality. If you can actually use your ideas in this way or in a slightly modified form, that would be great!
  • Public effect: You know all about it- new ideas can be hyped or hated. If your idea would be well-received in advertising (online or offline), that would be a real advantage.
  • Overall impression: Like everywhere in life, the overall package has to be right. So don't worry, you also have a chance to win one of our great prices if you don't reach top scores in all categories!


May one teacher or parent act as a contact person for several participants or groups from their school?

Ja, das ist möglich.

Do the participants of a group all have to be from the same class?

No, they do not.

What is the maximum number of students allowed in a group?

The group’s size may not exceed 30 students or an entire school class.

Are only school classes allowed to participate as a group?

No, you can also participate as a group from a youth club or as a group of friends. You may all be of different ages. It is important that all participants are still students and between the ages of 15 and 18.

Is it possible to join a group if you are under 15 or over 18 years old?

This is only possible if the person is in a school class that takes part in the competition as a group.

May several classes of a school participate?


Does the organiser of the competition acquire the copyright for the submitted ideas after the competition?

The organiser does not pursue any financial interests with this competition. The organiser does not acquire any copyright on the submitted ideas.

Was your question not answered here? Then don’t hesitate to contact us: